Antti Rytkönen art bio

I am an art painter born in 1988. Visual arts have been my hobby since childhood. I studied art in Pekka Halonen academy in 2014 till 2015.

I like to travel in the big cities. Their atmosphere and hectic environment fascinates me. During my trips I walk around looking at the environment trying to capture interesting ambiance, reflections and lights. At home I select takes that I find interesting to paint. I keep the reference photo on my laptop screen for making observations while I paint. I do not use projection, carbon paper nor gridding. Painting by a free hand will leave mistakes in my paintings, but if they do not disrupt I consider them as a welcome hand print.


Järnätti, Järvenpää 6.11. - 24.11.2019

Taidekeskus Salmela 8.6. - 11.8.2019

Stoa, Helsinki 8. - 28.1.2018.

Pisto galleria, Vantaa 5. – 24.11.2017.

Cafe Conrad, Tyrnävä 10.7 - 4.8.2021

Contact information:

My Facebook art page: Antti Rytkönen - Art

Instagram: anttirytk

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